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Space, Science & Florida

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

As someone born and raised in Florida, trips to Kennedy Space Center are nearly akin to trips to Disney World, and the space industry is an essential part of the state's history and culture. While I quickly realized I don't have the guts to be an astronaut during kid astronaut training in fourth grade, my fascination with space exploration, science and Florida's environment remains.

Here are some of my favorite space and science stories.

Space exploration

Supercluster: Communicating the Apocalypse

Ties run deep between Disney and space exploration

NASA at 62: A look back at some of the women who built the space agency

Bill Nye's solar sail project launches to space aboard Falcon heavy rocket

Everything to know about Mars 2020 Perseverance mission, just launched from Florida

Former NASA scientist: We found life on Mars in the 1970s

NASA solar probe traveled closer to the sun than any other spacecraft. Here's what it found

10 space exploration events we're excited for in the 2020s

As NASA retires Spitzer telescope, a look back at some of its most incredible cosmic images

Pluto at 90: Is it a planet?

Rocket launches and NASA missions

'Mars, here we come!' SpaceX Starship test flight a success after explosive landing

Meet the astronauts: NASA, Pence name first Artemis astronauts for future moon missions

Crew 1: SpaceX, NASA launch more astronauts to International Space Station

History made: SpaceX, NASA launch American astronauts from US soil aboard Crew Dragon

Before historic launch, NASA talks future of commercializing low-Earth orbit

How Crew Dragon compares to 8 other spaceships that have carried humans

What astronauts can teach us about coping with isolation during the coronavirus pandemic

Other science stories

5 pilot whales beach themselves on Redington Beach

Researchers: T-rex had built-in air conditioning

Paris museum debuts 'The Blob' organism with no brain, 720 sexes

Scientists say they found a way to make oxygen out of Moon dust

Study: Deepwater Horizon spill larger and deadlier than originally thought

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